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B I K O  W O U T E R S E

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Nowadays, everything must have a deeper meaning ... A deeper meaning makes people discuss the meaning of life without ever agreeing. After all, everyone has their views, whether it is about faith, war, relationships or a cheese sandwich. In case of a cheese sandwich, I prefer mustard on it! Everyone takes a stand and apparently, everyone also has enough ammunition in the form of alleged knowledge and conviction to be able to take a stand.

Often I try to fill an apparent void in my work with subjective observations of significant figures in my immediate environment; my sister, father, friend, my ... In this way, I try to build a self-image of how I am or would like to be. Perhaps the emptiness in my work reflects the loneliness of growing up in my quest for maturity. In this light, I ask myself, what I as an artist have to say or want to say.

I have no intention of improving or saving the world. Mainly, I want to amaze myself with the power of the small, which everyone recognizes as simplicity. Sometimes this can be destructive and banal, and sometimes - by accident - it has a socio-critical charge. It ensures that my work is sometimes raw and biting, often humorous and sometimes just touching and beautiful. I try to let the various fragments of life fall apart and then glue them together again into something new in which I can recognize myself.

In my work, I also see myself not so much as an artist but more as someone who makes and/or improves broken things, a "fixer" perhaps. Maybe unconsciously, I am resisting the world's views of how I should be as a person and an artist, still trying to transform the "Me against the world" into "Me with the world". I want to show everyone what could have been. Therefore, waste products of our consumer society are given a new stage in my work. 


2018 Sob Festival, KABK, The Hague, NL
2020 Paracetamolophony, Korzo 
2020 A Finger In Every Pie The Hague, NL
2021 De Buitengalerij Dordrecht, DOOR, NL
2021 Een Warme Dag, DOOR, Dordrecht, NL
2021 DOORzien, Dordrecht, NL
2022 project freedom and tolerance (as a teacher) Dordrechts Museum, NL
2022 Kabk graduation show , The Hageu, NL
2022 8X80, Dordrecht, NL
2022 Everything now is before everything, The Hageu

Stichting tot Steun Award, The Hageu, NL